Nights of Screams

In 1962, one year after the apparitions began, at the time of the feast of Corpus Christi (June 21), the visionaries had visions of the future Warning and Chastisement.  They began screaming fearfully during the Nights of the Screams.

Loli and Jacinta bracketed the "Noches de los Gritos" with two messages; the first dated June 19 and the last June 23.

In simple childlike expressions they repeated what the Virgin Mary told them.


The Virgin told us:

That we do not expect the Chastisement;

That without expecting it, it will come;

Since the world has not changed,

And she has already told us twice;

And we do not pay attention to her.

Since the world is getting worse,

And it should change very much,

And it has not changed at all,

Prepare yourself. Confess,

Because the Chastisement will come soon.

And the world continues the same...

I tell you this:

That the world continues the same.

How unfortunate that it does not change!

Soon will come a very great Chastisement,

If it does not change.

María Delores Mazón    
Jacinta González    

The Virgin has told us:

That the world continues the same, that it has not changed at all;

That few will see God; so few they are, that it is causing the Virgin great sorrow.

How unfortunate that the world does not change!

The Virgin has told us that the Chastisement is coming.

As the world is not changing, the cup is filling up.

How sorrowful is the Virgin, although she does not allow us to see it.

Since the Virgin loves us so much, she suffers alone, since she is so good.

Everyone be good, so that the Virgin will be happy!

She has told us that those who are good should pray for those who are evil.

Yes, we should pray to God for the world, for those who do not know Him.

Be good, be very good.

María Delores Mazón, 13 years
Jacinta González, 13 years